Does Google Instant Make SEO Old News?

Google Instant, the new technology that starts to supply you search results before you finish typing your query was released by Google this fall. Google predicts what you might be searching for and offers you alternatives to satisfy your quest. The predicted search results push the start of the organic listings by two slots and some believe that instead of needing to be in the top five positions your site now needs to show in the top two positions. It’s also important to know that { Read More }

Does your Website have Search Friendly URLs?

The URL is the file name for the web page and is displayed in the web browser window. This is an example from my website:, and . Those URLs would be considered search friendly. These would be considered unfriendly URLs: and The data after the domain name is called a query string., the { Read More }

The Internet is Today’s Yellow Pages

Is Your Website on The Top of The Search List? With more than 500 million people using search engines every day to locate a product or service, establishing a strong presence at the top of the search results is vital for any size business to succeed. The Internet is today’s Yellow Pages. Think of the search engine as your best networking buddy. He remembers everyone he’s ever met and stores that information in the index, the index knows just who is the best one to satisfy your needs. So { Read More }

Getting your website pages quickly indexed with the search engines

One of the lesser known features the search engines (SE) offer is webmaster tools for Google, MSN and Yahoo.  Webmaster tools provide you with statistics, diagnostics and management of the SE indexing of your website, including sitemap submission and reporting. Webmasters can use the Sitemaps Submission feature to almost instantly place newly created pages on their site into the search index. This is a XML file that is uploaded to the SE webmaster tools as the new pages are added on your { Read More }