SEO Tools

Get a free website grading report
Search and find your Google position without certain filters
Web Hosting Plans Setup instructions
WordPress ready made templates
Aweber account-learn more and signup
The SEO Tools found in this section were designed to assist you in configuring your website for optional Search Engine Optimization within the different search engines
Review incoming link popularity
Googleranking tool-use the mass keyword function
Check incoming links
When picking keywords don’t use the stop words, here’s a list
Create Your Own Favicon.ico Icon for IE
Check your site display delay time
Add bookmark this site
Add tell a friend to your site
Check site traffic report
Check for broken site links
Search engine simulator shows what the search engines see
Verify your sites html code
Check your keyword penetration (density)
Meta Robots Tag (create robots text)
Monitor hosting sites downtime
Create your local listing
Add site to local eze