SEO Blogger: Optimize Your Posts As You Write

Whether you blog about business, politics or the hot topic of the moment, SEO Blogger allows you to find the most sought-after keywords for your subject without ever leaving your blog editing screen. The tool sits alongside whatever blog publishing software you're using so you can do keyword research and optimize your posts as you write. Then, simply hit "Publish" – and you're done! Install SEO Blogger tool Getting Started Instructions and Tips { Read More }

The Sales Pipeline for Keywords

You have heard this before: “Use your keywords when you write your web content”. But what are your keywords? Probably not what you think they are. Most business owners know their product terminology better than they should when it comes to search marketing. To have a highly visited website (loads of traffic), you must know the popular search terms used through your sales pipeline. To find your keywords, take out two pieces of paper and label one” research” and the other “buy”. Write { Read More }